The Overload Kickstarter was fully funded in exciting fashion!  We reached our goal with only two hours to spare during our blurry-eyed live stream of the last day.  Thank you for the amazing support and enthusiasm; we couldn’t have done this without your encouragement.

The next phase of the Kickstarter includes Backer Surveys.  We are using the BackerKit service to collect and manage information on rewards.  All Kickstarter backers should receive an email invitation to the survey.  Follow the link, and BackerKit will guide you through the steps needed.  In the survey, you will have the opportunity to choose options for rewards as well as include add-on items.  We will lockdown the survey in a couple months so we can start shipping rewards this summer.  If you have not received the survey email, please contact us or go directly to and login using the email address used for your Kickstarter pledge.

If you missed the Kickstarter completely, and would still like to support Overload, we have added a Continued Support page on the Overload website.  It includes many of the reward tiers and add-ons from the Kickstarter and has a PayPal payment option.

We encourage everyone to join the Overload Community through our forums and chat.  It is a great way to connect to an amazing group of people.  Plus, it offers a way for developers to hear your ideas and thoughts on features of Overload.

Thank you again for your overwhelming support!